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Yes, I know I posted something less than 24 hours ago that most of you haven't even seen. I just thought I'd put my two cents in about a little something that has caused a bit of an uproar on the internet. I've seen a lot of heated debate over the article "Don't Carpe Diem", & I practically wrote a blog post on Mel's post on fb {sorry, Mel!} I decided that I would go ahead & write a blog post in case anyone cares to read more of what I have to say on the subject. Here's what I said there, with a little more detail...

I think people are missing the point. They're parking on one side of it & not understanding each other's side. As someone who has made similar statements to young moms, I totally agree that time goes by way too fast! But in my defense (& I'm sure I'm speaking for most older moms who have made those statements), they have certainly never intended to offend, shame, or make a mom feel inadequate. I am so glad that young moms are able to be honest about their feelings these days, because I remember feeling quite alone when I had similar feelings myself. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. And there were moments when I thought that there must be something wrong with me, because other moms made it all look so glorious. And it was stinking hard!

On the other side of that phase of life now, when I've made a "carpe diem"-type statement, it really has been a heartfelt attempt at trying to give some perspective to a young mom. A "this too shall pass"-type of thing. It isn't possible to enjoy every single moment ~ especially the puke, sleepless nights, & "8 gallons of urine" {thank you, Sara!} And seriously, you'd be a little insane to actually enjoy that!

I think people see all the negative stuff that Melton writes at the beginning of the article & don't finish reading. Or they get so heated up over the first part that they fail to see the point at the end. It's about enjoying their sweet breath on your neck as they fall asleep in your arms, smelling their heads after a bath, the cute things they say...It's about noticing & savoring those moments, because they are more than worth all the other crap {literally & figuratively} that is so hard about that stage of life.

I certainly don't know everything, and I still have a few years left with my kids at home. I'm not real sure how I'd feel if an older parent told me to carpe diem in the middle of an unenjoyable teenager/parent situation. I can only speak to what I know from my own experience & the experience of other moms who are past that phase.

Regarding the preschool years: I promise, as hard as they may be, you really will look back & wish for just one more day at the train park.

Or one more tea party with a girl dressed up as a princess.



Laura said…
I've always admired your perspective on motherhood - it makes me want to be a mom!

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