"Fly Away"

(by Lenny Kravitz) Fly

I was in the backyard the other day when a beautiful pink dragonfly came to see me!

That evening, there were hundreds of them flying all around. It was so cool! I think they liked my new [to me] chair from Cassie:

I was going to take it to Good Will for her, but I thought it would look cute on my patio! {& she said I could keep it!} It had pillows with this fabric:

But I thought I could make them match better. I pulled out the leftover fabric from my patio table chairs, but it was too matchy! Since the wood didn't match anything else out there, I didn't really want the fabric to completely match. Plus, I needed about 1/2 yard, & there wasn't quite enough. So, I went to Hobby Lobby & found this coordinating fabric:

What's even better is that I got it for cheap! Their fabric was only 30% off, so I decided to check the remnant bin, & lo and behold: there was 7/8 yard in there at 50% off! It is more along the lines of what I was wanting for my glider cushion before I found that one for 98¢. After covering the pillows for the chair, I had just enough fabric left to make coordinating pillows for my glider :)

Does that just make you happy, or what?! This was the reason that I had my sewing machine out a couple of weeks ago {as I mentioned in my t-shirt post} ~ I'm sure y'all have been waiting on the edge of your seat to see what I had been working on, huh?



Zion said…
That does look AWESOME! I'm guessing this was the Cassie that just moved to CA? :) Or was that just a coincidence?

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