(by Stellastarr*) Underdressed

I was going to do my usual Saturday post, but I actually had something to talk about. I have never claimed to be high class, but today I realized that I am far from it. I showed up to a bridal shower completely underdressed. I wore a cute top, jeans & closed toed flats. Not sure why I thought that was appropriate. I've worn that type of thing to a casual baby shower, but not to a bridal shower. I really haven't been to a bridal shower in a long time, but I should've known better than that. I really don't know what I was thinking! As soon as I walked in and saw dresses & slacks, I wanted to cry. Oh well, it's over, & nobody judged me outwardly. But I learned a valuable lesson: you can never go wrong with a nice top & slacks when going to a shower.

As the song says, though, "But it's the people you meet. It's the conversations you have that last." The shower was for my best friend from middle school. I haven't seen her in several years, and I'm pretty sure that Elizabeth was a baby the last time I saw her mom & sister. I'm hoping they were more happy to see me than to care that I was wearing jeans. I'll look much nicer at the wedding. I promise!



Laura said…
Awe, I'm sure you looked cute in your outfit though! You're such a good dresser. :)
Brooke said…
most people around here are moving to jeans for any type of shower. but i've always got casual dresses on hand for those type situations.
RR Mama said…
I always have the fear that I am going to be under dressed for everything.
melissa said…
That happened to me, too, once . . . . It was a "casual" Christmas party with the president of the seminary Jack attended . . . we were the only ones in jeans !! I was pretty embarrassed, but everyone was really nice & we had a good time !!! Live and learn, right ?!?!!!!
Zion said…
That's because you spent so much time in Midlothian ;) I tend to dress up a little for gatherings (and I nice top and jeans would be included), but at our church lots of women might even where a sweatshirt/pants or jeans and a t-shirt, which makes me feel a little overdressed. I bet no one cared one bit or even noticed. I know you and I am sure you looked nice.

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