"Bang Your Head"

(by Quiet Riot) Bang

If you know me at all, then you probably guessed from today's title that a MIShap was involved! Two, actually! 'Cuz that's just the way we roll!

To give a little background...Pepper & I wake the kids up each morning by snuggling with them for a little bit. Yes, they're 9 (& 3/4) & just a few weeks shy of 12, but they still allow their mom to do this, so I'll take it! Thank you very much! Seriously though, I know this won't last forever, but I will thoroughly enjoy it while it lasts!

Anyways, this morning when I went into Cody's room, he was stretched out across the entire bed, & there was no room for Pepper & me. I rubbed his back & said, "Good morning, Son!" He opened one eye & rolled over, banging his head on the solid wood bunk bed. Not to be outdone by my son, I slid under the covers & promptly banged my head, too!

I guess clumsiness runs in the family!

You knew where this was going by the title, but did you guess that there were two in a row?! I can just hear one of my high school teachers saying, "It's a Twofer!" [Two for Tuesday ~ where he'd surprise us with two quizzes on a random Tuesday. Only this is much better than a pop quiz, right?]



Brooke said…

says the woman who regularly runs into her desk corner.

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