"The Best Day"

(by Taylor Swift) Taylor Swift - Fearless - The Best Day

I had the BEST day with my girl today! I know that this song is actually from a somewhat grown daughter's point of view ~ but since this is my blog, I'll pretend that she wanted me to post this today! ;)

We went into Houston for hair cuts...How cute is she?!

& because I'm a good sport, here's a picture of me after a day in the wind & humidity:

Afterward, Elly spotted Quizno's, so we decided to have lunch there. We both got kids' meals & split the sides (that way, neither of us had to choose between chips & the cookie!) Since we were in the area, we went to Anthropologie (thank you, Hannah!) to look for knobs for one of the projects I mentioned in my last post. I found a couple, but you'll have to wait 'til I finish for pictures! I will show you the mug I've been coveting, though! It's out of stock online, so I figured I should pick it up at the shop before it's gone!

Don't you just love it?! Think how happy you would be to get to the bottom of your cup of tea/coffee & see this:

We also went to a couple of antique stores to look for a cool frame (for the aforementioned project). I actually have a frame from something else that will do, but I was hoping to find something better. My problem is that I want something garage sale cheap, & that isn't happening where I've been looking. So we tried Good Will & found a decent one, but it was more than I wanted to spend there. We did see Larry Micheaux (a former Houston Cougars basketball player who played during the "Phi Slamma Jama" era along with Hakeem Olajuwon & Clyde Drexler), and Elly got a book!

It was so nice to walk past all the shops, arm & arm with my girl. She was so cute as we would cross the street, grabbing my hand & giggling as she hollered, "Hurry!" Since she pleasantly endured all the stops I wanted to make, I honored her request to go to Half Price Books. She was able to find one of the two books she was looking for. Then, we ran down to Urban Outfitters & picked up some Mary Janes that I've also been coveting for awhile (2 for $20)! I know that it's flip flop season ~ but I haven't painted my nails yet, so I'll be sporting these until I get around to that!

{If you can believe this, we actually walked right past The Chocolate Bar & didn't go in!}

While we were out, I also found a cute planter to use on the centerpiece of the patio table I mentioned in my last post! I had planned on only repainting the set, but I ended up recovering the seats, too. Once I finished with the fresh coat of paint, I wanted the whole thing to look brand new! So, I found some fabric on sale & recovered them last night!

Of course, we listened to Radio Disney all the way! We laughed about how often we heard certain songs! (You may end up seeing one of them tomorrow, since I haven't listened to my iPod much). It was such a fun day of talking, giggling, singing & shopping! My only regret is not hiring a photographer to follow us around! How sweet would it be to have some shots of us window shopping hand in hand?!



janachelle said…
Aww, I love this post! What a great day! Sounds like you both made fun memories while enjoying the daily things of life.

Love your patio table set--well done!
Zion said…
I am so glad to have a girl, this makes me even more excited. I had a lot of friends growing up that wanted all boys, but I have always said I need a girl so that I can have the relationship with her that I have with my mom. That does sound like you had the best day!

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