"Not Alone"

(by Seabird) Not

Regarding today's song, it's Seabird...Need I say more?

Once again, I've had quite a busy weekend & just now have the chance to post my song of the week...I'm sorry if I let you down! I'd like to say I won't do it again, but I know I will! Plus, I'm pretty sure I haven't actually let anyone down! So, there's no reason to make a promise I can't keep!

Anywho, I went to an all day crop yesterday & completed 28 pages! The problem is that I barely scrapbooked all summer, so I'm still behind. I'm almost 3 years behind in my baby girl's album but only 1 year behind in the boy's. I'm not sure how that happened, but I totally need to fix that! She's older, so hers should be caught up first, right? My disclaimer (in case she discovers this fact & complains) is that I have technically completed the same number of years in both of their albums.

So, I have to share an outrageous comment that was made about me today! I probably shouldn't even tell this story, but it was so crazy that I just have to tell it! A collector called our house today & told my mister that I had used language that was inappropriate!


Can you believe that?! {For the record, my mister couldn't either!}

Well, remember that card I paid off awhile back? There was some fine print [amidst a bunch of other fine print that I didn't read] about calling for a payoff amount, so I only thought I paid the balance in full. Around mid-August, I received a bill for about $14 in interest/finance charges that had accrued before we paid the balance. I called the credit card company to see if they would waive it. [I'm really not trying to cheat the system! I know that credit card companies do this type of thing.] Well, they wouldn't waive it, which I thought was craziness. And I told her so! To [attempt to] make a long story short, after several minutes of conversation, the representative (we'll call her Rose) told me not to pay my bill yet & that she would call me back.

So I didn't pay my bill & completely forgot about it until I got another bill this past Monday. I was going to call them ~ but before I got the chance, a collector called me! I explained the situation to her, but she was still insistent that I pay the bill (which included about $1 in additional fees). I explained the situation again, this time pulling out my notes & reading word for word what Rose had told me. This time, I mentioned the Rose's name, and I guess the collector finally felt like I wasn't just talking smack. She put me on hold, and when she came back on the phone she explained that I was going to have to talk to Rose. But of course she wasn't in that day, so my call was sent to her voicemail. I left an awkward message & didn't hear back from her again.

Then today, a collector called & talked to my mister...Oh ya, the inappropriate language?...

Crap. I said, "Crap." Or more specifically [in regards to the fine print], "Nobody reads that crap."

Now, for the record: I'm completely aware of the fact that I legally owe the stupid finance charge, regardless of whether I read it or not. They state in writing (albeit with a bunch of other crap) that I am supposed to call for a payoff balance, and their method for calculating the finance charges is printed on the back of the statement. I get that. It's just the principle of the matter. You know ~ in the old days, when you paid the balance, that was it (except for car payments & mortgages). But that is seriously not even the issue now! Honestly, if Rose hadn't told me not to pay the bill until I heard back from her, I would have begrudgingly paid the stupid $14 a month ago! It has now become about $16 (if I pay by the 29th). While it won't break the bank, I think it's stupid that I am now being charged MORE because I listened to Rose & didn't pay it!

And apparently I used inappropriate language.



RR Mama said…
Such terrible language! For the record I think that's total crap!! There are so many other colorful words you could have used. And yes you are right credit card companies waive those fees all the time. No go wash you mouth out with soap missy!! Hope you day is great!
Zion said…
Okay that is funny. I am actually impressed that it was that low, I get ripped off all the time and it's always been for a lot more. I could tell some stories, but this comment would be WAY too long, even for me. And I was also laughing about you not posting until Sunday, because I wrote a "late" post today to and I was trying to remind myself that no once cares, but when you've got a system in place it just feels like you've got to stick to it. I get it.
Jack said…
Hope you deposited your quarter in the family swear jar!
Laura said…
Oh my goodness I can't believe that! Shame on you, Rose and the credit card company! Also, you're in good company with the inappropriate language. ;-0

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