"When I Get My Wings"

(by Will Hoge) When I Get My Wings - Number Seven (Deluxe Version)

So my pastor sent me an email with this Will Hoge video a few weeks ago, and I fell in love a little bit. And when I told Neil that I liked it, he proceeded to send me a list of nearly 20 Will Hoge "must haves" that are also really great. So I'm thinking that there should be a new commandment that goes something like this: thou shalt not tempt your friend to spend unbudgeted music money...As you probably know, I've already spent funds on music lately (with CD Release Day & all). Since I'm not working these days, I don't have any "fun money" {insert sad face here!} But the Bible says that when we are tempted, God will provide a way out... & by "a way out", I mean Youtube, Spotify & Grooveshark. So while I don't have an accurate play count, I absolutely love today's song & am pretty sure I've listened to it more than any other song this week. If you haven't heard of Will Hoge yet, you should definitely check him out!

Well, it was a long week, & I was up late last night with a house full of girls (Elly's birthday sleepover). So I'm going to make some dinner & maybe get to bed early...

I hope y'all are having a great weekend!



OH my goodness Amy... I am loving this song and sound! Love it! A birthday sleepover... how fun! Hope you had a relaxing day today! :)
Jen Price said…
I've never heard of him! Thanks for passing along some new music!
Zion said…
Such a nice voice and I love the horns.

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