(by Glen Phillips) Thankful - Winter Pays for Summer

Between my list of songs and my baby girl's birthday, I haven't posted a list of everyday things that I'm thankful for in awhile. So a few of the items on today's list go back a few weeks. But I'm still thankful for them, and I don't suppose it matters to you when they occurred! Today I am thankful for...
  1. A sweet little boy who says that he likes "Cody's mom" ♥
  2. My Wednesday girls starting a facebook group to support & encourage each other in their Made to Crave journey!
  3. Actually paying cash for car repairs instead of using a credit card!
  4. My friend Debi bringing me medicine {& surprise cookies!} while I was stuck at home with a migraine & a sickly boy
  5. Bike rides on cool mornings
  6. My super great neighbor {I am so blessed to live only three doors down from sweet Kristi!!}
  7. Worship music
  8. "Praying for you" emails ♥
  9. Routines
  10. Organizational items
  11. Index cards {especially the ones I write scripture on & carry in my purse}
  12. Scarves
  13. Cooking dates with Laura
  14. The new "buddy program" for melanoma patients
  15. The ocular melanoma community
  16. Elly picking up after her brother
  17. Elly treating me to empanadas
  18. Cody having the honor of competing in the Science Olympiad {for the 3rd year in a row!}
  19. Babies who love their Auntie Amy
  20. Missionaries {especially Bart & Heather}
  21. Costa Rican coffee
  22. My baby brother getting the chance to see my kids {for the 1st time in nearly three years}
  23. Good conversation with my son until way past bedtime
  24. Friends who go places with me so I don't have to go alone
  25. Being included in what just may be the best Somethingerween team costume ever! {stay tuned for more about that...}

What are you thankful for today?



Becky Crenshaw said…
I love it when friends go places with me too. That is so funny. It can be to Walgreens or the Post Office. Nothing fancy. ;)
Brooke said…
not sure what's better - cookies or medicine. a friend that brings both? someone to be thankful for!!
Lis said…
This is so great. I always want to remember to thank God for the things seen and unseen. I am thankful today because I was able to salvage an old Halloween costume for my 17 month old so that I didn't have to pay for a new one! Blessings!
Zion said…
Can't wait to hear about that last one. It sounds like you are surrounded by so many great people that really care about you.
What a sweet friend Debi is! Praying for you emails are such a wonderful gift. Yay for index cards! How great that your brother was able to see your kiddos! :)
Jen Price said…
What a great list! I love scarves, too, and that I can actually wear them right now!

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