"We All Fall"

(by Superchick) We All Fall - Last One Picked

What in the world am I doing up at 5:00 in the morning, you ask? Well, I've actually been up for an hour. I normally don't do 4:00 in the morning, but my crazy puppy decided that she needed to go outside. She is a full grown dog, totally capable of "holding it" through the night, but every once in awhile she feels the need to lick every single blade of grass, & this was one of those times. Once she finally came back inside, I was fully awake. And due to Aunt Flow and the migraines & stuff she tends to bring along with her, I couldn't go back to sleep. After about 30 minutes of weighing the ups and downs of taking medicine with caffeine vs. laying there in pain & discomfort, I finally decided that medicine was the better option. So here I am, after another 30 minutes of tossing & turning, with an Excedrin caffeine high. Rather than weirding you out with another incredibly random Excedrin caffeine post, I decided it had been way too long since I've posted anything in my

In fact, it was one of those Excedrin caffeine posts that lead to this series in the first place, so it's only fitting that I share another story with you now. This is just a minor MIShap from about 6 months ago that wasn't worthy of a blog post at the time, but it came to mind the other day & made me laugh again ~ so you get the benefit of a laugh, too (or at least a little chuckle). Wow, after all of that to set it up, I think you're going to be highly disappointed by the actual story. But I've gotten this far, so I might as well go ahead & finish it out...

My mister, my little guy & myself were walking out of the grocery store one day, when I suddenly sat down Indian-style right there on the floor between the registers & the exit. The boys looked at me in utter confusion, but I was laughing too hard to explain myself. See, there was some water (or at least, let's hope it was only water) that caused me to slip. One foot went out in front of me, the other foot went underneath me, & somehow I just smoothly sat down with my legs crossed! It wasn't like a regular fall ~ which is good, because knowing me I would've ended up with a concussion! I will never forget the looks on the boys faces! I mean, one second we're walking out of the store, and the next I'm just silently sitting down on the floor like I simply decided to take a little break from walking or something! By the time we got to the car, I was finally able to stop laughing enough to explain to them why I had sat down, but they were seriously confused until then!

Below is the song I actually wanted to post, but I couldn't find the iTunes link. I sure thought it was on the same album, but I couldn't find it! Turns out, it's from a different album & isn't called "Fall Down", it's "Get Up" ~ so that's not as fitting for today's story. Here's the song, though, 'cuz it's great! It's a Twofer! {that phrase is somewhat explained in another MIS-series post, if you're wondering!} Only this time it's a Twofer [Superchick] Tuesday!

Alright, well now it's almost 6:00. My little guy is awake because of a cold that has left him unable to breathe out of his nose. So not fun! Pepper has been outside yet again to lick more grass. My alarm will go off in less than 20 minutes. I might as well make some cinnamon rolls & settle in for a long day! Do you think I can actually get in bed by 10:00 tonight?! I hope so! Have a great day, and watch out for slippery puddles of water!



Anonymous said…
What an awesome way to fall! I trip over my own two feet all the time. :)
Brooke said…
who knew you were so graceful? :P

i woke up at 4:45 yesterday for no reason and couldn't go back to sleep. instead i got up and went for a 7 mile run. i think i'm mental!

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