"You're Welcome"

(by The Beach Boys) You're Welcome - Smiley Smile / Wild Honey

Does it bother you when you thank someone, & they respond with anything other than, "You're welcome"? I've heard the argument for years. {My mister even got chewed out about this before!} But it recently came to mind again when I read this article where the author seriously has a problem with the response, "No problem." He goes into what he considers to be the interpretation of it, which is "that the phrase implies an imposition on the part of the person saying, 'Thank you.'"

Among other things, he says that his friend thinks it's "the result of a cultural shift that can be traced to an influx of citizens whose speech is descended from Romance languages." He explained what is considered to be the definition of "You're welcome" (basically, "I did something, but you deserve it.") & a traditional Romance language response of "De nada" ("of nothing" ~ which essentially means, "What little I did for you is not worthy of acknowledgment."). The friend basically concludes that "In both cases, the thankee is trying to relieve the thanker of any sense of obligation."

The author goes on to say that he probably should accept his friend's explanation & move on, but he doesn't seem quite ready. It looks like quite the hot topic, because there have been almost 400 comments since the post was written (in July).

I completely agree with the friend. In my opinion (& feel free to disagree!), "No problem" simply implies that it wasn't a problem. That's all. I don't think it means that it could have been a problem or an imposition (though sometimes, that could be the case). & I certainly don't think that anybody is implying that the deed meant nothing, especially when said with a smile! On that note, I feel that Chick-fil-A employees go a little above & beyond with their response of, "My pleasure." I like it & I don't at the same time. If it's a sincere response, it makes me happy ~ but I know that they are trained to say that!

What do you think? & what is your general response when someone thanks you for something?

  1. You're welcome
  2. No problem
  3. De nada
  4. My pleasure
  5. No worries
  6. Not a problem

{In case you wondered, I use all but "D", though my mister replies with that on a regular basis & actually means it!} ヅ



Brooke said…
lol - when i saw this in reader i thought "crap i say no problem all the time, she's going to think i'm horrible!" :P

i agree about businesses using "my pleasure" ritz carlton does the same (worked at central office never stayed there!) and it seems a bit snooty to me.
Rebecca said…
For me I think I use different phrases with different people, depending on my comfortableness with them. I think you're welcome is a little more respectful than no problem. Again - just me. But I do say - it's my pleasure most of the time and I truly mean it when I say it.

At least that's my two cents :)
RR Mama said…
I think the only one I really mind is "no worries". I haven't really thought about the others but the other just drives me nuts!! Guess it's just one of those pet peaves.
Laura said…
I've never really thought a whole lot about it! I should probably go check out that article though. I tend to use A and B a lot, though.
Zion said…
I say A & B and I have never even heard of anyone having a problem with no problem EXCEPT the situation you refer to in your post ;) I also agree with Rebecca, same thing for wether or not I use emoticons!

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