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I finally had a chance to sit down an compose my 2014 recap. If I can be completely honest here, 2014 wasn't my favorite year. It was just hard, and there was a lot of change and stuff. I've had a hard time even writing this post because of it. Change is not my favorite. I've always been told to embrace change, but some of it just isn't worth embracing. And some of it takes a lot of time and effort to embrace. Though I may not be able to embrace it all, I try to see change as an opportunity for growth. Despite all of the change that negatively marked this year, there were a lot of good things, too. God continues to be faithful. He truly does give strength to the weary, hope to the hopeless, and peace to the anxious. I am so grateful.

And now for the recap...

In January, my sweet boy became a teenager, and he is now the tallest person in our family! He was inducted into the NJHS in the spring. He continues to enjoy running. He had a very successful first track season in the spring (placing 2nd in the 800 and 1st in the mile at district), and he won district in cross country in the fall (he actually won every meet except for the one where he came in second to a senior in high school)!

Our summer was filled with youth activities, as usual! I still enjoy volunteering with the students, and my kids enjoy going to camps and other events (like Color WarsGoo Games, & stuff) with the youth group. Though I completely failed to post anything about Christopher's birthday {I did post a picture on IG!} we both celebrated our birthdays as well as our 18th anniversary this summer! ♥

Baby girl celebrated her sweet sixteen this fall and got her driver's license! She continues to enjoy art, competing in several competitions throughout the year. She is also taking a creative writing class this year, and it has been such a great experience! We have officially started looking into colleges for our baby girl {gasp!} and, more specifically, art schools. I can't believe I said looking into colleges and baby girl in the same sentence, but it's true.

I did a bit of traveling this year! Christopher & I went to a CURE OM conference in LA at the beginning of March, which I just realized that I never finished telling y'all about {maybe because the only pictures I took were at The Coffee Bean?!} And I also apparently never finished telling y'all about when Laurien & I went to New Mexico toward the end of March! {Ah! I've started a post now and will finish it as soon as I get a chance!} I flew to the panhandle in May for my beautiful cousin Kendra's baby shower! Our family took a brief trip to Dallas and got to see quite a bit of Christopher's family when Aunt Kim was in town in June. I got to meet sweet Judah later that month and took another road trip to see Kendra's little family in September.

Christopher's scans in February and December were clear! We are now over six years into this journey with stupid cancer. Though I'm not thankful for cancer itself, I'm very thankful for all that the Lord has taught us and for the wonderful people we've met because of it! We had a few different meet-ups with other ocular melanoma patients this year, which were super!

One weekend in particular was a huge highlight of the year for me... I had the opportunity to see NEEDTOBREATHE again! And the very next day, I got a new [to me] vehicle: Lola!!

And because I think these are fun {& super random, like me!} I'll close with another Google+ highlight video of my year!

That about sums up the year for my family!

I hope your 2015 is super!



Zion said…
I cannot believe you said baby girl and college in the same sentence either! WHAT!? Naomi Manry posted a picture of Elizabeth the other day and since I never see her it just blew me away. She's all grown up! Then I just know that my time is coming and you are warned every day that it goes by so fast. Anyway, love the recap. I hope 2015 is a better year!

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