"Who We Are"

(by Switchfoot) 

My sweet boy turned 14 years old today!!

We had a youth event last night, and a bunch of Cody's friends came home with us and spent the night afterward. Then we divided up into two teams went to the mall for a little scavenger hunt this morning!

They had to obtain items (like a ketchup packet, napkin with a restaurant logo, old receipt, and other random items you may find in a mall), answer mall trivia (like number of entrances, store with the shortest name, number of trash cans in the food court, date that the mall was built, etc.), film some things like...

And they had to take pictures while doing things like...

...posing like mannequins in a store window

...reading books/magazines at a book store

...drinking from a water fountain while giving a teammate a piggy back ride

...laying on a bench

...sharing a soda, with each teammate having their own straw

...holding hands while walking through the mall

...shaking hands with a bearded man

...wearing sunglasses

...hugging a stranger

...holding hands with a cute girl


& a few more items!

After the scavenger hunt, we came back home for lunch and ice cream cake!

And Cody opened his presents after we returned from another birthday party {more on that later!}

I think Cody had a fun and memorable day! :)



Zion said…
How fun! I love the "holding hands with a cute girl" and how you have a smilie under it.
Brooke said…
the ice cream cake looks delicious!!! and fun hunt :)

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