"Anchored in Love"

(by Jenny & Tyler) Anchored In Love - Faint Not

I went on a women's retreat with around 100 beautiful ladies from my church this weekend, and it was super (as usual)! We had wonderful times of worship and teaching, and we had a lot of fun, too! I forgot my camera and rarely had my phone with me, so I didn't get any pictures. I'm hoping to get some from friends, so I'll be sure to post them & tell y'all more about the retreat then.

If you know me at all, then you know that I stayed up too late on the retreat, so I'm heading to bed soon! Ftr, I have made a conscious effort to get to bed earlier lately. Last Monday, I told Elly that I was going to try to get to bed by 10:00 every night last week. I asked her if she thought I could do it, and she replied, "You can try." I thought that was a great answer, because she knows her mom. She didn't want to discourage me by flat out saying that I couldn't do it, but she knew I wouldn't be completely successful. I'll have you know that there have only been three of the last 12 nights that I didn't make it. Last Friday I went to bed at 11:00, I was in bed at 10:15 on the night before the retreat, and I didn't get to bed until maybe 12:45 last night. But considering previous years, that's pretty early for a retreat! :)

As for the song, I've been listening to Jenny & Tyler a lot this week. I have posted this song before, and it actually came in 2nd this week. But the one that I really listened to the most isn't available. When they post it on YouTube or something, I'll be sure to post it for y'all here! :)

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! ♥



sounds like a wonderful retreat, amy! 'you can try' is a great answer. lol i *try* for that same thing often too... getting to be earlier! ;)
Brooke said…
i need to train you in going to bed early. jay makes fun of me because i start watching the clock around 8:30 :P
Zion said…
I have an ongoing battle with wanting to go to bed early vs wanting some alone time after the kids are asleep. :(

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