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Elly & I had so much fun doing the Color Me Rad 5K on Saturday!!

As a little side note before I get started, though...I'm so glad that I posted the above picture on Instagram and Facebook after I picked up our race packet, because I discovered that my neighbor & her daughter were going. So we got to ride together, which was super! Also, I was able to get some free pictures of me with my girl! I still paid for a few official photos, but we have way more pics this way!

Anyways, we started out with nice, clean, white shirts...

{One of you asked if I had a tattoo on my thigh. I won't call you out, but you can probably see better in this bigger picture that it's not a real one! ü}

...then we got pelted with different colors (in both dry & liquid form) at Color Bomb stations along the way!

I have absolutely no idea how long it took us to reach the finish line {Sorry, Brooke!}

We hung out there for a little while, because it seemed to be the spot where everyone took pictures...

Natalie said she wanted to take a picture of Elly & me with her camera, so we posed...little did we know that her friend's husband was waiting to bomb us! ü

I had joked that instead of dyeing Easter Eggs, we were dyeing ourselves...I'd say that was an accurate statement!

Near the finish line, everyone received a Color Bomb to release at the Final Color Bomb area. Natalie got this great shot of that:

Elly & I went to the photo booth after the run...

...and again after the Final Color Bomb:

It was super fun! Plus, a portion of the proceeds benefitted Special Olympics, so it was for a good cause! If you ever get the chance, I totally recommend doing one of these fun runs!!



Brooke said…
love her tutu!!! :) love your socks! :)
Zion said…
Okay, yes, now I can see the tattoo better. That looks like so much fun. The pictures are amazing.
this is awesome!! how fun! :)

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