"You're Lovely"

(by Abby Baker) You're Lovely - What I Call Beautiful - EP

It's that time of year again... 
This is my fourth year to join NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) in NEDAwareness Week, which is an effort to raise awareness and education about eating disorders for effective recognition, early intervention, and direction to care. According to NEDA, raising awareness about eating disorders and the resources available to those suffering has resulted in an increased number of people who actively seek out help for their illnesses.

Though I don't have a very large platform, I want to do what I can to raise awareness & offer hope to people who are struggling with eating disorders. So I'll be posting a few things along those lines this week. For today, I'd like to share NEDA'S infographic, which provides some key facts about women and eating disorders:



so grateful for the awareness you are raising, amy!! xo
Zion said…
This topic has been on my heart lately too. I always think about you and what you'e overcome and the work that you do. If you are ever looking for another song on body image Seabird has one, I think it's called Beautiful, or Don't You Know You Are Beautiful. There is a music video for it and Brandon is in it :)

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