"Walk on the Water"

(by Britt Nicole) Walk On the Water - The Lost Get Found

I saw the above PSA while watching a show on ION one day. It caught my attention at first because I like the song. When I saw what the commercial was about, I thought it'd be great for this week! I got the following information from the 4 Every Girl website:
4 Every Girl strives to create a media environment where young girls feel valued and are defined by healthy images of themselves.

4 Every Girl envisions a time in the very near future when all forms of media - broadcast, written, entertainment and advertising - will honor the natural value of every girl.

4 Every Girl is a national campaign sending a powerful message to today's media industry leaders to present healthy images that honor and reflect the true value of every girl.

I know that there are factors other than the media that affect how girls see themselves, but a change in the media could certainly help! Wouldn't it be super if every girl could see their true value? ♥



what a fantastic psa... and perfect song to go along with their message!
RR Mama said…
Great PSA. I loved it when Dove did the same thing when their commericals aired. I to love that song.
Zion said…
I LOVE this! You've inspired me to blog about it. Such important info. It's time for us women to take a stand!

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