"Love is Endless"

(by MoZella) Love Is Endless - The Love - EP

Love Is Endless by MoZella on Grooveshark

My last post was sorta heavy, so I thought I'd keep today light & show y'all random pictures...

I finally saw a butterfly when my camera was nearby!

& then I saw this little guy:

{you can't tell from the picture, but his body is only about one inch long}

Along with the sweet flying creatures, these scary guys also love the flowers:

These are a few of my family members who were in town for the wedding last weekend:

I get to be in two weddings this summer, & I found these cute shoes that'll work for both of them!

OK, I guess that's all of the pictures I have for now! I'm sorry I'm so boring. :P

I hope you enjoy today's song! :) I haven't posted anything of MoZella's since I first posted one last summer! But we were listening to her this week, & I think today's song is super cute!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! ♥



Look at that good looking group! Looks like fun! :) Love your little creature finds in your flowers! Hope you are having a great weekend, Amy!
Brooke said…
love those shoes!! :) and you must have been very observant to catch those 2 guys on camera!
Laura said…
Love the shoes and the details shots of the butterfly, dragon fly, and bee! I have yet to get one of those quick shots.
RR Mama said…
Cute shoes!!! And love the family picture.
Natalie said…
Those are really cute shoes!

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