"Made A Poop-Oop-A-Loop Shoop"

(by FlowGo)

I'm sorry for the disgusting subject matter! I really couldn't find an appropriate song, and Cody loved this one when he was little! It somewhat relates to the MIShear that I'm talking about today! Elly actually wants to tell it, but I figured I'd set it up with the words that I heard one evening. The words that no mom ever wants to hear...

"Eeew! Cody just ate Pepper's poo!"

& now for Elly's perspective...

I was in the living room with Cody one day when he was eating some chocolate-covered marshmallowy peanut things. He thought he dropped one on the floor, so he picked it up & ate it.

It wasn't a chocolate-covered anything.

He kinda grossed out & told me what happened. I shouted out what Mom MISheard (above), & she ran into the living room all grossed out.

But it wasn't poo that he ate. It was food.

He ate Pepper's food, Mom. Gross, but not as gross as poo!

P.S. I have a couple of random new series in the works, so I hope to have some posts that have nothing to do with poo or bugs soon! ~ Amy


Brooke said…
yeah, compared to poop, all of a sudden eating cat food doesn't seem so gross! :P 52
Laura said…
Awesome mis-series story, Elly! I thought the song was hilarious. :-) I'm excited about the new series!
Ha, ha, ha!! Too funny! :)
Zion said…
Aw, how funny. I love the tag team post you guys are too cute.

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