"June Bug"

(by The B-52's) Junebug - Cosmic Thing

June Bug by The B-52's on Grooveshark

OK, this is completely random. But what else is new, huh? It's June bug season, so these strange little beetles swarm around the porch lights at night & try to come inside {running into your face or attaching themselves to your clothes as they try ~ creepy!} Each morning, there are more & more dead ones on the ground.

The other night, I was sitting on my patio glider while on the phone with Kristi {not sure why I didn't just walk three doors down to talk to her, but whatever!} & noticed loads of them (dead & alive) on the patio. The next morning, all I saw were maybe 100 of these:

I wondered how that happened, but I didn't think about it long enough to come to any sort of conclusion. Then, something caught my eye outside the back door this morning. I took a picture through the slats of my blinds, because I didn't want to scare this cute little guy away...

Mystery solved!

I suppose that's all I have to say for today. I completely understand if you stop reading my blog at this point. I guess I need a new series or something, because I totally just wrote an entire blog post about June bugs. Yeah. But when else would I have been able to post this song?! {Yet another reason to stop reading my blog, eh? ftr, I had never heard this song until today. And is it just me, or do all of their songs sound the same?}

Alrighty, I'll try to come up with some better material soon. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that Elly's post won't rank much higher on the posts-you-want-to-read scale...



Laura said…
You're crazy - I would never stop reading your blog! Random story: I was out and about yesterday and had a great idea for a series we could do on our blogs. I will shoot you an e-mail or fb message about "Project Awesome." (Well, maybe it won't be awesome, but it will be fun!)
Brooke said…
hey - i posted a blog about an october trip thru a corn maze on monday, i've got no beef with randomness
Random is fun in my book! Hopefully that little birdie helps keep those things under control! lol I hate when they fly at my face!
Zion said…
My dad HATES june bugs. I don't love them myself, but I am not sure where his complete and utter disgust stems from. He would have be cheering for the little bird :P

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