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I briefly talked about our little trip up to Dallas last weekend, but I thought I'd elaborate a little...

We got to Uncle Dan & Aunt Sheryl's late Friday night and were reminded how good & sweet their dog is compared to our crazy one. I didn't take any pictures this time, but here's one I never showed y'all last time:

On Saturday morning, Cody & I went with Dan & Sheryl to Layla Bear's soccer game. We surprised Aaron, which was super! {Well, he used the word shocked, but I asked him to clarify. Shocked & surprised are a little different, don't ya think? He replied, "It was a treat" a little sarcastically, but I'm still taking it as a good thing!} Anyways, we brought Layla & Rhett back to Dan & Sheryl's with us, and Cody ended up (once again) sitting by a chatty little six-year-old! {I figure between Layla Bear & Clara Belle, he's getting some good training for when he has a wife!}

On our way home, we saw a calf walking down the road. We were on our way to get gas & decided that we'd stop and help if he was still there when we came back by. He was. Only this time he wasn't actually on the road anymore, but he was only feet away from an even busier road. He seemed so sad, nestled against his mama {or a friend or relative?} with barbed wire fence between them. :( So we got out & rescued him...Cody & Dan walked around to the other side of him, while I tried to figure out the best place for him to go through the broken barbed wire. As it turned out, he was so scared by my sweet boy that he found his way through an unbroken part of the fence! So, ya...not quite as heroic as it may seem, huh? We didn't get a good shot of the calf, but you can see his backside here with the rest of his herd:

Misty & Rob's wedding was that afternoon, and it was so good to see so many members of our former church family! I've probably said this before, but just in case...Misty was one of our students when Chris was a youth pastor in the Dallas area. Her family attended our sister church, so we had met a couple of years before she started going to our church. She & Cassie {my girls ♥} officially began going to our church on the day that Cody was born. A couple of years ago, I discovered that Cody has thought they were sisters all this time! It's easy to see how it happened: we moved when he was three, and I would meet up with both of them every time we'd go back for a visit. Their last names are somewhat similar, they both come from a family of three sisters, they came from the same church, and I would frequently talk about them at the same time. One time {maybe five years ago?} when Misty came over for dinner, Cody prayed before our meal. He asked God to bless the food & "Misty or maybe Cassie..." :D

Back to the wedding...today's song is the one that Misty walked down the aisle to in the beginning. For reasons that I won't go into here (because it's not really my story to tell), this song was so fitting! I will say that I journeyed many years with my girl Misty, anticipating this day. She is an amazing woman of integrity, humility, patience, and respect & honor for authority (among other things). I am so incredibly happy for her & Rob!

The wedding itself was super quick, and we enjoyed a couple of hours reconnecting with some amazing people. As I mentioned before, Dan (our former pastor) wasn't able to stay for the reception because of the church's Art & Music Festival. {<~ you really should check out that link when you get a chance!} This was the first time we've been in town for it, and I'm glad we had the chance to check it out! Dan greeted us at the door & gave us a "grand tour" of the event. It was really neat to see what the place has become. And it was great to spend some time with some of the women that I used to do life with.

I have more exciting things to tell y'all about soon! One of them involves a road trip with Marcie & Amy...stay tuned!



Brooke said…
i, for one, love the graphics you put on the cow picture! :) and contrats to cass...misty!
Laura said…
Oooh! I can't wait to hear the details about your trip with Amy and Marcie. :)
Zion said…
When I was talking to Cassie I said Harper when I meant Hoyer and then sarcastically added "you know, whatever". It's funny because they do have a lot of similarities, but as far as looks they are quite the opposites. It was great to get to see you and hooray, at last Misty and Rob are married!

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