"Nothing Short of Thankful"

(by The Avett Brothers) Nothing Short of Thankful - Mignonette

Nothing Short Of Thankful by The Avett Brothers on Grooveshark

Today I am incredibly grateful for...
  1. Healthy new babies
  2. A new kindred spirit in the OM community {if we have to deal with stupid cancer, I'm glad to be going through it with people like Mandy!}
  3. Finding out that I'm on Mandy's list, too! :)
  4. A sweet & unexpected gift from my Tuesday girls!
  5. Running into people I know almost every time I go to Kroger :)
  6. The smell of apples & cinnamon baking in my oven
  7. The sound of Cody growling at Pepper :D
  8. A cute handmade gift that one of my Wednesday girls made for the entire class
  9. Happy tears
  10. Being content with what I have
  11. A message from a bloggy friend that I seriously want to print out & frame! ♥
  12. Lunch w/Laura at Sandy McGees
  13. Celebrating the end of my baby brother's Bible study course {with cheesecake!}
  14. Cody placing in two of his Science Olympiad events
  15. A "just because" gift from my friend
  16. Coffee & Kroger dates! :D
  17. Catching up with some scrapbook friends I haven't seen since the Spring
  18. Rejoicing with our friends as they celebrate the impending arrival of their baby girl!
  19. Good food & conversation at Jorge's birthday party
  20. Getting to play with three cute boys in the nursery ~ one of whom usually cries, but he didn't yesterday. I'd like to think it's because of me! ;)
  21. Baby girl arriving safely home from a youth retreat
  22. Living close enough to ride my bike to &/or from home group
  23. Singing the national anthem with my boy {He had to learn it for school, & we were singing it at the top of our lungs while snuggling on the couch last night! Sometimes our house is like a musical, & I love it! :D}
  24. Only one more day of school this week!
  25. This season of thankfulness {oh, that we would all continue it beyond Thanksgiving!}

What are you grateful for today?



Brooke said…
contentment is such a difficult thing to have/be. Thankfully thru God, its possible!!
Lisa said…
What a great list! We all have so much to be thankful for it's a good idea to list them when we're down . . . just so we don't forget :)

I hope you and your family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Amy.

xoxo, Lisa

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