"I Got a Pea"

(by Bryant Oden) I Got a Pea - The Songdrops Collection, Vol. 1

As promised, I have a new MIShap for my

After Bob's Celebration of Life service on Saturday, I needed to use the restroom. I went to the foyer & happened to notice that the mens' room was occupied, as I went into the restroom right next to it. After taking care of business, I opened the door to see my friend Thomas waiting to go in after me. He looked about as surprised to see me walk out as I was to see him walk in. "You were not what I was expecting to walk out of there!" he said, as he gestured toward the sign on the bathroom door.

Confused, I looked at the sign, and it clearly read "MEN"!

Why a church has two mens' rooms, I'm not sure...but that appeared to be the case!

Another man was standing by, amused at my little interaction with Thomas. He said, "I saw you going in there and was going to warn you that there were no paper towels."

Umm....why didn't he warn me that I was going into the Men's room?!



Brooke said…
mhahahaha!! that's awesome "i was going to tell you that its out of paper towels" *eye roll* men!!
Oh. My. Gosh. That is hilarious! And he was only worried there were no paper towels for you?! LOL
Amanda said…
LOL!!! Oh Amy! That is too funny!! Especially the paper towels reminder!!!

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