"Even if it Breaks Your Heart"

(by Will Hoge) Even If It Breaks Your Heart - The Wreckage

I'm sorry to post this so late! I'm sure y'all were waiting on pins and needles for my favorite song of the week! :P I've had very little time at home this weekend, so this is my first chance to post it! Today's song is another one of my Will Hoge favorites. If you haven't listened to him yet, you really need to! Like, right now.

I had hoped to have some pictures from Halloween for y'all to see, but I completely forgot to ask Amy to send me a couple. The flash broke on my camera, so I didn't even attempt to take any pics on Halloween night. Maybe I'll have something to show you next Saturday...

Alrighty, I suppose I'll post this & get to bed. I totally didn't take advantage of the extra hour of sleep this weekend. Did you?



Anonymous said…
He is going to be in your town at Fitzgeralds Dec 1st

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