"Last Train Home"

(by FM Static) Last Train Home - My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go

If you saw my fb status yesterday afternoon, then you probably saw this coming! The new album My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go came out this week, and I decided that I deserved a little splurge! I think I actually have a different favorite than the song I posted today, but this is all that was available from Tooth & Nail (in other words, legally). All of the songs will be on Grooveshark one day, and I'll post another one! :) My favorite line is:

Faith is just the other end of doubt
Your truth is gonna make it alright

I've totally seen that to be true in my life. I know that people can go the other way when they're facing doubt. But for me, when I've had times of doubt & have sought God and His truth, my faith has come out stronger in the end.

Well, I'm off to finish baking some yummy goodness for the student ministry's dessert auction after church tomorrow. Elly & her friend Abby helped make Brownie-covered Oreos & Party Balls, and I'm about to finish up the Dr Pepper Cake. I hope y'all are having a super great weekend!!



Brooke said…
love this song! :)

also - yummy goodness? to bad we're not neighbors i'd come over and sample.
Laura said…
Dr. Pepper cake you say?!?! I think another baking date is in order!

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