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I'm calling this post "Friends' Theme Songs: GPBC Pastors & Wives Edition". I had a little help from friends who I'll call Junior & Chris. {Names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent guilty!}

I was already thinking about posting a Johnny Cash song for Neil, and that thought was confirmed after a comment he made from the pulpit yesterday. {Something about his truck smelling like Johnny Cash & coffee!} I wag going to pick "I've Been Everywhere"...especially if they have a Waffle House there (thank you, Junior)! But I ultimately decided that "I Walk the Line" would be best for him. If you've never heard Neil McClendon preach, you're seriously missing out on a hilarious part of life. I could write an entire series of posts full of Neil quotes, & I'm pretty sure you could find some online if you googled him. Just for fun, I'll share a few of the Neil-isms that I've collected through the years: Referring to a man wearing long-sleeves in the Texas summer heat, he said, "What'd you do, just drive in from the surface of the sun? You getting acclimated?"...While traveling, Marcie (his wife) had emailed him a list of several restaurants in the area that were featured on "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives". He said that he planned to go to each of them & validated his plans by saying, "I can't be a bad steward of information!"..."'If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right.' That's what I say to my chocolate milk when I'm making it."...There are many more where those came from, but I have more people & songs to tell you about. {If you'd like to hear some Neil-sims in action, you should totally subscribe to the podcast}

I really wanted to post "Miss Mary Mac" for Marcie, because I like to sing that when I think of her (exchanging "Marcie" for "Mary", obviously). But I couldn't find a good version of it to post. And since I don't know of a song out there about friends who always have to run for tissues when they email each other, I did the only other logical thing: I picked an Aerosmith song! To some of you, that may not seem like the obvious choice ~ but because of her love for a particular band member, I had to do it. I thought these "Dream On" lyrics were appropriate for us: "Sing with me, sing for the year, sing for the laughter, sing for the tear".

"Ramblin' Man" is for Wade ~ not to be mistaken for Amy's Wade, who I've already mentioned. By the way, can I just say that I've never known a Wade in my life, but there are THREE at our church?! How'd that happen? I understand there being a bunch of Amys, but Wades?! It made it quite difficult to find another song with his name in it. Of course, the song doesn't always have to have their name in it, but it'd be WAY easier that way. Did I ever tell you the story about my brother telling me how saltwater got its salt? {Eh, Wade? Sound familiar?} I could go on, but there's no way that even I could come up with enough tangents to do Wade justice. & I'm not even going to explain the song any further, because this blog is a dictatorship ~ not a democracy! But let me just say that if there really was a "Cool Clipboard", Wade's name would be on it. Enough rambling, let's move on to Wade's hot wife...

There were lots of Sally songs that I could've picked for my friend Sal. I even discovered a 180 ska/worship song with her name. (What?!) It was just random enough that I almost picked it, but when it was all said & done I decided "Mustang Sally" was the most fun. Sal, when all of our kids are grown (& we're old enough for those haircuts that the three of us vowed we'd never get), I hope we'll still be meeting for coffee. Maybe one day you'll show up in a '65 Mustang. That'd be neat-o!

And now for Mel! {You thought you were next, didn't you, Lance? I'm saving you for last. Just to bug you. 'Cuz I'm mean like that.} I was totally going to post a Billy Idol song for Mel (you know why, girl!), but I decided it was more fitting for her to have a Pete Yorn song instead. I can't hear Pete Yorn without thinking of my friend Mel. She has a little music blog, where he was her first post. So I cheated & decided her song would be one of the ones she mentioned in that post. {Sorry, Mel. I know it's not so creative. This totally debunks your claim that I know every song ever made. I'm sorry to disappoint, but it's way better than a song about the book of Judges!}

And last but not least...this one's for you, Lance! I know you felt left out when I mentioned some of our other friends in that one post. So to make up for it, you actually have a video! ΓΌ I almost picked a song about a star, simply because you keep botching up John's song title! But "Lance the Turtle" is WAY better! {Don't worry, Mel. I will never divulge what you said to me when I told you this would be his song!}

Once again, if you've stuck with me long enough to get to the end of this post, you deserve a gold star! I hope y'all have a super great week!!



RR Mama said…
Oh my gosh, those songs are so fun! And BTW I love Veggie Tales!! OH where is my hair brush....
You are so much fun Amy! :) Love the Neil-isms. He sounds wonderful! Mustang Sally... love it! Now I can push play to listen to these songs while I finish my work. Thanks for the great play list! ♥
Zion said…
This is the most interested Z has ever been in a blog :)

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