"The Outsiders"


I had another great week! Here are pics of a few of the highlights...

Cody got dismissed from speech, & we celebrated @ BerriBlends!

We hosted National Night Out & met some more neighbors!

I got my first Bunco injury! ;)

Dad & I went to see my baby brother

{He turned 22 this week ~ seriously?! How'd that happen?!}

I've been listening to NEEDTOBREATHE quite a bit lately. Have I mentioned that I love this album? I've posted a couple of songs from it already ("Something Beautiful" & "Won't Turn Back"), but I hadn't posted the title track. Good stuff. Seriously, if you're not listening to them already, you totally should be!

I hope the rest of your weekend is super!



Brooke said…
hurrah for cody!!! :)

i love need to breathe something about the ruggedness (is that a word?) of the lead singer's voice. no shock since i'm also a big third day fan
Laura said…
I love "Shine On" and now you've inspired me to listen to more of their stuff. They are really talented. :)

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