"Garden Song"

(by John Denver) Garden

I have crossed something else off my list!! It took the better part of two days {& I ended up completely exhausted, sunburnt, scratched up, mosquito-bitten & with sore muscles throughout my entire body!} but I have extended the garden across the back fence line!

Well, except for that spot between two of the sad little blueberry bushes!

Wouldn't that be the perfect spot for a gate to my dad's house? {I'm on the campaign to get him to buy the lot behind us. Am I crazy to leave that space? Well, I'm leaving it until I see a "Sold" sign!}

None of my new plants are really in bloom right now, but there will be plenty of color next year! I also have some accessorizing to do, or maybe I just need a little patience until Spring! For now, though, I'm on a limited budget. So, I waited until Houston Garden Center had most everything 70% off & bought 1 gallon plants that will get big later.

Like this measly little Esperanza in the corner:

{It should grow to be 6' tall & 4' wide!}

The idea is that eventually everything will fill in. I'll continue to add beautiful things, and one day it'll be a wild, colorful sanctuary. So far, the part of garden that I planted last year is looking pretty good!

{& Pepper likes it!}

Some plants didn't weather last year's snow or this year's summer too well, but I'm hoping to continue to nurture them back to beauty! I replaced a couple of them, and the flowers make me happy!

So, that's one more thing crossed off the list! I hope you're making time to do the things that you really want to do in life! Have a great weekend!



Brooke said…
i admire you - i don't have the patience for yard work. looking good all ready and come spring it'll be beautiful!
RR Mama said…
Your yard looks wonderful! Great job. Now come do mine! JK. It will be great when everything is in bloom. Don't forget to take pictures then too.
Zion said…
Wooh! What a job. I can't wait to see what it looks like in full bloom.
Laura said…
Love love love it! Way to go for making time to do something for you and your life list!

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