"Best Dress"

(by Damien Jurado) Best

I need your help! I'm not sure what to wear to a wedding tomorrow. It's the wedding of my best friend from middle school ~ you know, the one who's bridal shower I attended completely underdressed?! I can't let that happen again! It's a 4:30 wedding, & I'm not sure how formal that is!

Here are a couple of options (please excuse the poor quality of the pics!):

Is either one dressy enough? I also have a LBD {with emphasis on the "L"! I was in a little better shape when I bought it, so it's a little tighter than I want it to be ~hence, no picture}. I could wear it if I have to, but I'd rather not! What do you think? Will one of these dresses work? If so, should I wear black strappy sandals or red heels? If not, should I suck it in (literally) & wear the little black dress?

I really appreciate your input!!



i like the second one with RED shoes! That would be super fun and you wouldn't need to worry about a necklace. Just some fun earrings and maybe a bracelet.

Have fun!
Brooke said…
i'd go with the 1st - depending on where it is (a church?) people are weird about exposed arms. they are both beautiful and dressy. i wouldn't bother with the LBD unless its an evening wedding. and YES to red shoes!!!
RR Mama said…
I love the first one you! I would go with some black strapy sandals and if they have a small heel that would be great. If you want some red, jazz it up with some red earring, necklace, and bracelet. Listen to me trying to sound like I'm some fashion consultant! I'm with Brooke, I would even worry about the LBD. The first dress looks great on you!

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