"A Little Bit Longer"

(by the Jonas Brothers) A

My mister had an appointment with Dr C (the retina specialist) on Thursday. His vision has not improved, which we didn't really expect. Dr C thought there was a slight possibility that the loss of vision was due to something other than nerve damage (like maybe a side effect of the steroid or something), or that his treatment may have caused him to be shortsighted. He even checked my mister's vision with the corrective lenses, but there was still no improvement. I asked about cataract surgery, because we both had the impression that it would be necessary at some point in the next couple of years. But, Dr C said that he won't need it because the only reason for cataract surgery is to improve vision. {Honestly, though, I beg to differ. When the lens is completely cloudy, it looks a little freaky. Am I wrong?} Anyways, he addressed my mister's pressure issue again & prescribed a new eye drop. He said that sometimes the slightest drop in pressure could improve the vision a bit, so we'll see if this prevents him from going completely blind...

While I'm on the subject, do you mind if I get something off my chest? Well, I'm doing it anyways...

With all of the awareness ribbons, days & months out there, I get a little frustrated at the miniscule amount of attention ocular melanoma receives. I mean, there appears to be an awareness month for every other type of eye situation, except for the one that can kill you! When my husband was diagnosed with OM, I had never even heard of eye cancer. Period. I'm not necessarily asking for a month, day or even a ribbon ~ I know that we are somewhat inundated by them. But, I think it deserves some type of awareness. {Maybe it could coincide with Talk Like a Pirate Day?}

Seriously, though, my point in all of this is that raising awareness may lead to earlier diagnosis & treatment, which may lead to better patient outcomes. More importantly, awareness may lead to an increase in funding for research, which could ultimately lead to a cure. A cure = LIFE, because (as I've mentioned before) metastatic ocular melanoma is always fatal. And as someone who lives with the fear that my mister's next scan reveals a death sentence, a cure sounds like a dream come true (not only for me, but for my children).

A fairly recent study showed that in the last 30 years or so, skin melanoma mortality rose 35% while prostate dropped 50%, breast dropped 10%, colon dropped 25% and cervical dropped 10%. Ocular melanoma mortality remains unchanged despite treatment advances. I'd call that a compelling argument ~ more research is necessary for all types of melanoma. So, if you know of anybody who's looking to donate to a worthy cause, send them to the Ocular Melanoma Foundation!

OK, well I'll get down off my soap box for now. The five of you don't really deserve my spiel! {Especially since you've probably read it already!} I was really only planning on giving an update, but I got a little carried away!



Brooke said…
while i know its not funny, i did have to laugh at the thought of "talk like a pirate day" being the official OM sponsor.

the football guys wore pink socks in honor of breast cancer awareness month. i commented to my dad, all cancer sucks, why single one kind out??
RR Mama said…
PREACH IT SISTA! You are right not very many people have ever heard about it. My father in law has it but they caught it very early on and he is doing great. And on his last visit the pressure in his eyes were down. Doctor was very please. I also have to agree with Brooke, all cancer sucks!!!

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