(by Natasha Bedingfield) Freckles

My baby girl is 12 today!

I say this every year, but I seriously can't believe I'm the mother of a 12-year-old! We have one year before she's officially a teenager, and I'm so not ready!

After school on Friday (the day of her party), she got to open a couple of gifts from us ~ including Slim Jims & pink tennis balls from her brother!

We kicked Cody out of the houseCody got to spend the night with Alex, & Amy was so sweet to send me home with a gift for my girl.

Elly had a few friends over that night for a sleepover. They had a lot of fun making their own pizza!

It was so cute to hear her talk & giggle with her friends! :)

This morning, she opened her last two gifts from us. I made her a little "purse book" of the blog post she did for me this summer, and we got her some roller skates. {She asked for them, now let's see if she uses them...}

Months ago, my baby girl said I should use this song for her birthday! Wish granted, Elly! {I've heard that there may be a minor curse word in the original version of this song (that my baby girl doesn't need in a song representing her)! I never knew that the other word for "darn" was possibly in it until I looked up the lyrics to type up this post. I've seen some discrepancies, & that word doesn't even make sense where they say it is. Either way, she has the iCarly soundtrack which definitely says "unworthy" ~ which is much more appropriate for little ears!}

I love you, baby girl! {& your cute freckles}



Brooke said…
looks like she had a great time...next year you'll be the mom of a teenager!!

(i'm here to help and encourage :P)

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