(by Superchick) Superchick - Karaoke Superstars - Alright

"There's so much on my mind lately
I can't make out my own thoughts anymore
I don't know where one begins and the other one ends
I wish that I could push a button and turn it all off
Just for a little while
Long enough to take a breath and then I'll know

It'll be OK, it'll be alright
It'll be OK, hey ya, it'll be alright
It'll be OK

There's so much that needs done lately
I can't make out what's important anymore
I don't know where my needs begin and someone else's ends
I don't wanna let anyone down cause
I feel like I'm falling down when I do
But for now would someone else please volunteer to say...


Life is hard for everyone so let's blow it all off
Just for a little while
Let's take a break
It'll still be there when we get back
I always try to solve all our problems by working real hard
Going just another mile
But every now and then I think we should let it go and say...


This is my last verse and it's for everyone feeling not so great today
We don't know what's coming just around the bend
It's always hard to believe in your own life easier to find belief for a friend
I'll hope for you
You for me and together we can say...

It'll be OK, It'll be alright..."

If you can't tell from today's song, I'm a bit overwhelmed. I've been pretty short with Chris & the kids, & I'm so easily frustrated right now. I'm even more scatterbrained than usual, & I have the dropsies (again, more than usual)! I dropped an entire jar of salsa on the tile. Not fun! & I certainly didn't have the time to clean it up ~ but nobody else was here to keep Pepper out of it, so of course I took care of the crazy mess. Sigh.

I almost cried while listening to a Superchick song today, & it wasn't even a ballad. I don't even remember what song it was, or what line almost started the waterworks. But it certainly wasn't a song that has brought tears to my eyes before! It's not the time of the month when I should be emotional ~ but a couple of times this week, I just wanted to cry from the stress of everything. Today, I actually did.

As I walked into the chiropractor's office.

My poor kids just stared awkwardly at me. & Poor Cathy & Nicki at the front desk! I'm not sure they knew what to think, but they let me spew a little & made me feel better! {& they didn't even act like I was crazy!} It reminded me of a bad week last year, only this time nobody has died! So, obviously I'm glad for that!

Besides attending the normal end of the school year awards & parties, I don't really have loads of stuff to do. It's really just one BIG thing: I volunteered to do the slide show for the 5th grade "Parents & Pastries" celebration. For a couple of months now, parents have been emailing pictures to me. I've gradually downloaded them to my computer & sorted them. Today, I scanned all the pictures that weren't digitized. (Fortunately, there were only about 5 students whose pictures were in that form!) Then, I went up to the school to transfer some pictures from one of the school cameras to my laptop, & I forgot my power cord. That wouldn't be so bad if I actually had some battery life in the silly thing! We were able to work it out, but I was so frustrated that I would forget something so necessary!

This evening I realized a common denominator between that week last year & this one: my mister's scans. I guess I could chalk my emotional state up to scanxiety then, which makes me feel slightly better. In a more sane way, I guess. But it doesn't actually make me feel better, because the fact that we have to go for scans sucks. I'm sorry if I sound so bleh today. I'm just being honest. I better go to bed before I say even more gloomy things. Maybe I'll feel better after a good night's sleep. I'll probably regret posting this in the morning.



Brooke said…
i'm the queen of deferral and you are classic. its always easier to worry about getting a school project done than to have take on the anxiety/fear that comes with medical tests.

hang in there (((((amy))))))
Zion said…
SO sorry to hear you are having a rough week. I know those weeks all too well. Hope things start looking up soon. I am praying for you guys.
janachelle said…
Love you, friend, and am praying for you.

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