"You Make Me Happy"

(by Lindsey Ray) Lindsey Ray - Picture Perfect - You Make Me Happy

I would normally have the song here for you, but I'm in a hotel lobby in Oklahoma for my cousin's graduation! I don't have the tools I need to upload the song, & it's not on Grooveshark. Here's the link to Lindsey Ray's myspace, where you can hear the song. (She's the artist that sings "Brand New Day" on the Target commercials). It's a super cute song, so you should go listen to it!

Anyways, a slew of family members is about to meet for lunch, but I have a few minutes while my dad & aunt are getting ready! I realized that I missed an important anniversary this week, so that's what today's song is about. 15 years ago on May 3rd, Chris & I officially became a couple! {I'm sorry ~ I had intended on posting a picture, but I ran out of time this week. When I'm back home, I'll try to scan one ASAP!} Here are the promised pics!!

This caricature was drawn on our very first date!

Gosh ~ do we look like kids, or what?!

It has been a super great 15 years, & I pray for many, many more! I love you, Mistopher!


Zion said…
Very cute. Jeremy and I had our 10 years as a couple on March 1. Can't wait to see the pics...
Brooke said…
happy coupliversary!!! :)

hope you had a great mother's day also
Kendra said…
i just downloaded lindsey ray's ep...you have good taste in music...we must be related haha :)
Cole Franke said…
you have such an adorable blog. I'm following. :)

nicole visiting from

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