"(If You Want It)"

(by Relient K) Relient k - Forget and Not Slow Down - (If You Want It)

I got an iTunes gift card this week & was able to get the new Relient K album! I really like their sound, & it reminded me that it's almost Christmas time ~ so I can start listening to their really awesome Christmas album! Yay! ü Anyways, the reason I think this song was listened to the most is because I was trying to figure out the difference between this one & the song before it. They sound the same & share a few lines. It's almost like it's one really long song. I'm not so sure what that's all about, but I like it.

Well, my week started out somewhat burdened, but it ended well. As I mentioned in my last post, Christopher had his scans on Monday. That explains part of the burden, but there's more...While I was at the hospital waiting for Chris to be finished with his scans, I found out that my builder's wife was a couple of blocks away in a different hospital. Teresa was 35 weeks pregnant & having many complications. We decided to go see her & ended up making a new friend! Their family remained on my heart over the next couple of days, as I was earnestly praying for them. On Wednesday night, I got a text from Wally with the most beautiful picture of a baby boy! Ryco is small, but doing very well for a preemie. He just needs to gain some weight, keep his body temperature & get his glucose under control. His lungs are very healthy, and mama is recovering! I went to the hospital again on Thursday, and though I didn't get to see the itty bitty baby boy, I got to spend some time with his parents!

I taught Junior Achievement for the first time on Wednesday. I briefly mentioned this in an earlier post, but I'll explain it a little more (or you could click here for even more info). This may be way more information than you care to know, but I thought it was worth explaining! Basically, it's a program that seeks to educate students about the workforce, entrepreneurship and financial literacy, inspiring them to dream big & reach their potential. It starts in kindergarten, teaching them about themselves & economic roles of individuals. Then each year, the scope gets larger & larger (to include family, community, city, region...) In Elly's 5th grade class, I am teaching them about our nation & how businesses need people to meet the demands of the job market. Funny thing about the JA program is: parents & grandparents are the ones who teach it, & most of us [who are free to teach during the day] are only available because we don't work! When I got to the class, the very first thing I was supposed to do was introduce myself & say what I do for a living, explaining how education has benefited my professional success! Umm... We started out by talking about entrepreneurs that start businesses, & we'll move on to how businesses are organized next week. I'll teach six lessons, ending just before my baby girl's field trip to BizTown, a mini "town" where they'll get to experience what it's like to have a job, earn money, spend your paycheck, etc. The following video shows more about it:

Well, I'm off to catch up on my friends' blogs, watch an entire week of my recorded TV shows (I think I have about 7 or 8 that I like to watch every week ~ is that too many? Probably so.), finish up my garden & tend to some long-neglected filing! Have a great weekend!!


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