(by Jim Brickman) Jim Brickman - Peace - Blessings

I think I could listen to Jim Brickman all day! I'm normally not a fan of songs without words, but his music is the exception. On this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for all that God has blessed me with: a loving Savior, wonderful husband, super great kids, the best friends and family I could ever hope for, my mister's job, health insurance, clear cancer scans, a beautiful home, a cuddly {but crazy} dog, two running cars, a full pantry, & much more!

Today, we went to my brother's house, along with my Dad & a bunch of my sister-in-law's family. It was super yummy, as usual! The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins, and I enjoyed visiting with everyone. I only had to put my foot in my mouth twice (nothing insulting or hurtful, just stupid ~ which leads me to a series I'm thinking about doing...more on that later!) I'll close with a few pictures from today...

My kiddos had so much fun with their cousins!

Here's my mister after the tryptophan & carbs set in!

& here I am with my dad & big brother:


Hi Amy:

I happened upon your blog because I have my Google Alerts set up to send me anything new about Jim Brickman. I enjoyed your blog post about Thanksgiving...thanks for sharing that.

Then I read about Chris' battle with cancer. My wife battled cancer too. Although she lost her leg to the disease, she's been cancer-free for 20 years now. So hopefully Chris will win his battle too. So know that two strangers are praying and pulling for you guys :-)

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