"On the Brightside"

(by Never Shout Never) 

I've posted today's song before, but I couldn't think of another song that would be a more fitting theme song for today, so I'm going with it! Natalie recently made a comment about Cody's height, and I got to thinking that I haven't really talked about it on here too much. I noted when he grew taller than his sister and taller than me, but I appear to have failed to mention when he grew taller than his dad. It's true, though, and it has been true since at least last Father's Day...

My sweet baby boy is our resident tall person.

Though none of the following pictures were taken with height in mind -- so we aren't intentionally standing up straight or anything -- they are the most recent pictures I have of all of us, and they help explain why I refer to him as my tall person:

I have no idea if he is done growing or not, but statistically he isn't. Based on our short families, though, I'm not expecting him to grow too much more. At 5' 8", he's an inch shorter than my dad, who is the tallest person in our immediate families. Chris and I both have one uncle who is 6', and they had to get their height from somewhere! But who knows?!

As for my baby girl, she has statistically been done growing for nearly three years and appears to be staying at a fun-sized 5' 1"! ü I happened to mention when she reached this height in February of 2011, though I didn't realize that she was finished growing at that time. I was basically her main hope for height as far as the females go, since I'm the tallest female in our immediate families! {Ha! I'm currently 5' 31⁄4" but was 5' 33⁄4" before my scoliosis got so bad!} Though Chris and I both had a grandma who reached 5' 6" or so, our other grandmas and great-grandmas were 5' 1" and under!

According to the Mayo (among other sources), there are a couple of different ways to predict adult height. One way is to...
  • Add the mother's height and the father's height in either inches or centimeters.
  • Add 5 inches for boys or subtract 5 inches for girls.
  • Divide by two.
Christopher is 5' 6", and for this purpose we're going to say that I was 5' 4" at my tallest. Due to noticeable scoliosis during puberty, my spine was never completely straight, but I think it's a fair estimate to add the 1⁄4" to my tallest height (and it makes the math easier). By doing this, Elly would be 5' 21⁄2", and Cody would be 5' 71⁄2".

Another way to predict adult height is to double a boy's height at two years old and a girl's height at 18 months. Unfortunately I only have Elly's measurements at 15 and 24 months (30.5" and 31.5" respectively), which put her between 5' 1"-5' 3".  Using this method, Cody would be 5' 10", but I don't want to get his hopes up about that! We'll just have to wait and see!

So...how do you and/or your children measure up? If you have your own height records, are you as tall as predicted by either of these methods? If your kids are little, have you predicted their adult height? If your kids are grown, how did they turn out compared with predictions?



RR Mama said…
I can not believe how big the kids have gotten. My boys still remember the day we meet at Lupe Tortillas to eat lunch. :)
Zion said…
This is so interesting! I have always been curious about what my children's adult height will be because we have quite a variety in our families. I am 5'4" and Jeremy is 5'11". The men in my family aren't particularly tall though. So far it looks like the kids are pretty average, but maybe slightly below in height, although I don't have a percentile chart to back that observation.

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