"The 900 Number"

(by The 45 King) 

This is post number:

& blogiversary number:

Here are a couple of random facts about the number 900:
  • In skateboarding it is a 2½-revolution (900 degrees) aerial spin performed on a skateboard ramp.
  • The year 900 was a leap year in the Julian calendar.
And here are a few random facts about the number seven:
  • A seven-sided shape is called a heptagon.
  • It is the number of inches in the original diameter of the 45rpm format gramophone record.
  • It is Craig Biggio's number!
  • There are probably 900 more facts about the number seven than there are about the number 900!
But instead of talking about those numbers, let's talk random facts about my blog:
  • I wrote the most blog posts in 2011 (maybe because that's when I started my One Thousand Gifts posts??)
  • The month with the most posts was October 2013 (when I did a month-long challenge and wrote about 31 songs that changed my life)
  • My post with the most views (9,334) is "It's Time" which was written on 1.4.14.
  • I've had 55 pageviews today, 90 yesterday, 1,989 last month, and 131,413 since this began seven years ago.
  • Of the countries where people view my blog, the US is the most and Poland is the least.
  • As absurd as this is, the most common browser is Internet Explorer. Really?! That surprises me!
I'm interested to see how these stats will compare with the stats when I reach my 1,000th post and/or my 8th blogiversary. Maybe I'll remember to look into it at that point. Anyways, thanks for joining me in my randomness today (the past few days, actually)! Yay for my 900th post and my 7th blogiversary! I hope y'all have a great day!!



Zion said…
How fun. It's funny to me that the internet explorer stat is funny to you. Ha ha. I'm not contributing to that by the way. Hooray for year SEVEN!!! Most blogs never make it this far. I have loved keeping in touch this way.

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