Friday, July 31, 2015

"The Hustle"

(by Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony) 

Today's song was the Billboard Hot 100 number one single the week that I was born...40 years ago today!! And in honor of that, my mister threw a surprise party for me! It wasn't one where I showed up somewhere and everyone yelled, "Surprise!!" It went more like this...

Christopher brought a 70's disco dress to me and said, "Happy birthday! Put this on and wait..." 😬

{He had texted me a couple of weeks ago saying something along the lines of, "Don't ask questions. What are your measurements?" He did well with the size, though I almost couldn't get it zipped!}

Around ten minutes later, he came in wearing a 70's disco outfit {complete with green polyester disco pants!}

And Elly came in wearing a 70's punk outfit!

We drove to Brian & Jana's, where Cody was helping to set everything up for the party. He had hopped in the pool after hanging decorations, so I had to wait a little while to see his 70's teenager outfit...

I was delighted to learn that Chris had planned a whole evening of fun...from burgers and hot dogs to live entertainment by Blake & Krystle... a 70's costume contest... cake made by our friend Vanessa of Cutie Cakes & Pies... more live entertainment by Jeremiah!

Chris and the kids tried to think of everyone I'd want to be there, and I really appreciate their effort! In addition to my family (including Dad & P-Dub, G, Kerry & his family, and Tiff & her family) and my closest friends from church and their families, I was so glad to see my much-missed friends who have moved on to Lance's church as well as my little sis from high school!

I said this on social media, and I wasn't trying to sound cliché...I really mean it when I say that I truly feel blessed, humbled, and honored to be loved and celebrated by so many people. And I'm really grateful for this guy!



Natalie Busch said...

Ahhhh, that looks like so much fun!!! We did a party like that for Michael McCalip's 30th and I will never forget it. Happy birthday to you. Glad you are going into this next decade with style.