(by Sara Bareilles) 

I realized today that I've never posted today's song. I have no idea how that happened, but I had to make it right!

Once again, I have failed and need to fill you in on two weeks at a time. There wasn't a whole lot of exciting stuff last week that didn't involve birthday festivities, so I've basically talked about the good stuff already! The only non-birthday exciting event was Saturday afternoon/evening with our friends Daniel & Maria, their girls, and John! :) They came over for a late lunch. Then we watched random YouTube videos and went to a couple of parks in our neighborhood...

We are in the process of revamping Christopher's office (finally)! I'll show you pictures of the rest of the room when it is complete. For now, though, I had to show y'all that Davy & his friends (a.k.a. The Mount Rushmore of Texas History) are finally out of my living room & have found a new home!

Amy, Elaine, and I took our boys to a water park yesterday!

They had a great time! We mostly stayed in the lazy river, which was nice and relaxing. I don't think anyone got a sunburn, so I'd say our day was a success! I ran into one of my best friends from high school...the same one I ran into at the Med Center when we were there for Christopher's last scans! I had thought we might see someone from the town where I went to high school (because we were only 20 minutes away). But I expected to see someone who still lives there, not someone who lives in Houston!

That evening, Elly had a movie night with her small group girls. Can you guess who she was?*

After I took baby girl to her movie night, I picked Amy up and went back to Elaine's (where our boys were) for dinner. She & John had made some delicious burgers and homemade french fries. We ate that and drank yummy Maine Root soda. I also got to hang out with this cute little cross-eyed {& sometimes crooked-eared} kitty! :)

Today was mostly a relaxing day, which was something I desperately needed! I slept until 8:00 and ran a couple of errands this morning. The rest of my day was spent on my back patio sanctuary or in my rocking char! :) I watched some TV with my girl and won 2048, which is a silly game that Cody convinced me to put on my phone. One super great thing that happened today is that one of my best friends from middle school found me on Facebook!! She moved to another state 25 years ago, and we lost touch during our college years. I had tried to find her before but was never successful. It has been so nice to catch up with her today!

I decided to save the BEST part of my week for last...

...meeting Mojo!

Baby Moses is Lance & Melissa's baby boy! He's absolutely precious, and I got to see him twice already!! :)

I hope y'all have a super great weekend & week to come! ♥


*In case you didn't see my IG or fb post last night &/or didn't guess: Elly dressed up as Inigo Montoya for movie night :)


Zion said…
So many happy days! I have to respond to a couple of your comments here ;) One when you said you want to be an involved grandparent, I just couldn't picture you as a grandma and then it hit me that that could be in 10 years (give or take of course). WHOA! That blows my mind. Anyway, the other ryc is that I didn't know that about National Night out being in October. This was the first one I had been to. I somehow missed in Texas. Anyway, can't wait to see the office pics!
Brooke said…
love this song! a cross eyed cat? poor thing! (i'm not even a cat fan :P) "you killed my father, prepare to die!"

love you my brave friend!!
RR Mama said…
Great photos! I love this song. It was played at R1's 8th graduation and I kept thinking how fitting it was since these kids were now going to high school. Sorry we never had a chance to get together over the summer. :(

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