"Baby Got Class"

(by The Holderness Family)

In case you missed my kiddos' back-to-school pics in the midst of everybody else's on Facebook the other day...

My baby girl is now a Sophomore in high school:

And my sweet boy is in 8th grade:

I love them! ♥

Lest the above picture fools you into thinking I was able to snap the perfect picture on the first try, look at what I had to endure just for one or two decent ones...

They're crazy!

...or at least HE is! ;)

I'll close with my only other "normal" picture of the two of them...

{maybe one day I'll be able to get him to smile naturally?!}

I hope your kids, nieces, nephews, and grandkids have a great school year! And if you don't have any, I hope you're able to enjoy less-congested outings during the day! :)



Brooke said…
today is the first day of school for my sister's kiddos!!
love your "out" takes :)
Zion said…
Oh man, I thought my kids would be easy to photograph at that age ;) I love the pictures. Cody sure is looking more and more like your brother (at least from the pictures I've seen. I've never actually met him).

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