"Win My Soul"

(by Ross King) 

You have no idea how happy I was when I saw that Ross had posted a lyric video for this song!! It's one of my favorites from the new album and happens to be the song I listened to the most! And because I feel the need to prove that this really is one of my favorites...my last tweet was from the chorus of today's song:

{And apparently my last tweet was 11 days ago...because not only am I a failure at blogging, but I'm also a failure at tweeting! If I can't even manage to tweet 140 characters or less over the past 11 days, then you know I'm having trouble blogging!}

Anyways, the highlights of my week were...

...finishing up some back-to-school shopping with my baby girl {did I tell you that she's starting high school tomorrow?!?!}

...dinner with Dan, Amanda, and their adorable, amusing, and flexible kids:

...a back-to-school party at The Warehouse where I forgot to get my camera out until the end when I saw these boys & their [unplanned] matching outfits:

...dinner at our friends' house in the country {where I completely failed to get my camera out...this is getting to be a terrible habit!}

...getting a new key so that maybe I won't get locked out of my house again {have I told y'all that I've been locked out twice in the last month? Good times...}

I guess that's all for now! My room is almost complete, and I will definitely post pictures when it's done! I almost posted another little sneak peek, but decided it would reveal too much. So you'll just have to wait! :) I hope y'all have a wonderful week! ♥



Amanda said…
Oh! Look a those sweet kids!! We loved seeing you guys, as always :D Hopefully we can keep up this trend, and continue seeing each other often!

Speaking of "locked out", my no good miserable day that started out with locking my keys in my car and ended with your sweet family was just the start! Isaac locked me out of the house this morning! I let Charlie Brown out of the house and Isaac tried to come out behind me, but locked the doors?!?!? Imagine me, in my pajamas, just fresh out of bed (picture disheveled), no keys, no cell phone, trying to talk a 3 year old through unlocking a door. Womp.

So 2 times in 1 week. I'm exhausted.
RR Mama said…
I hope the kids had a great first day of school. I love the not planned matching outfits. That's when you know they hang around each other a lot. :)
Brooke said…
I love your "oops, I haven't posted in a while here are some pictures" catch up blogs! :)
Zion said…
I love that song too. I can't wait to see your room!!! Although, take your time because how anxious can I be when I have lived in the apartment for over a month now and have yet to post pictures like I planned to : /.

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