"My One Response"

(by The Vintage Band) 

I hope y'all haven't given up on me and this whole blogging thing. Maybe I'll settle into a routine and blog a little more consistently once school starts. Or maybe I'll get too busy with work & blog about as regularly as I have been lately. I'll be working more then, so that probably won't happen. But I'll try! {Did I even tell y'all that I'll be working more?!}

OK, let me try to fill you in on the highlights of the last couple of weeks now...

Sarah went back to England last weekend, but we did a few things before we left. We went to see Planes, did a little shopping, and went bowling!

All of our scores were horrible.

I bowled left-handed, so I have an excuse... ;)

We also went to the beach, which was super fun {except for Sarah & me getting cut by some rocks in the water!}

We were sad to see Sarah go back home. She's like another daughter to me. I know that her friends and family would miss her, but I'd be totally fine with her moving here!

I put a little date on the calendar last week:

Speaking of weddings...last Sunday was Kloé's bridal shower! Kloé {as in Toey, who I mentioned in the Venture post} is our youth pastor's bride-to-be, and I love her! Nine of us hosted the shower (because the whole church was invited), and it turned out so nice! We had it at Amy's house, and she did such a great job with the decorations. There are pictures from a real camera somewhere, but I took these few to send to a friend who wasn't able to make it to the shower:

Crazy little story...my morning had been a little busy with church and youth. Then I stayed for the first part of the third service to see one of my girls get baptized. I wrapped up a few last-minute details for the shower and left the church in time to grab a bite to eat on the way to Amy's. When I got to her house & started to unload, I discovered this:

In my rush to get to Amy's, I had set my coffee mug on top of the punch bowl box in my back seat and accidentally left it there! As a testament to my good driving skills, my mug (with some coffee still inside) managed to stay right where I left it!

In other exciting news...my friend Elaine is helping me with a little bedroom transformation! And when I say helping me with, I mean doing. I took hardware off of a couple of things, but that's basically it. She's amazing, and I can't wait to show you the finished room!!

Soooo...one bad thing about not blogging very often is the fact that I inevitably leave things out. There are several youth events (with pictures) that I haven't talked to y'all about, and I'm sure there are other things as well. I also meant to take pictures of some clothes that I got super great deals on, but I'm a failure at taking pictures {of anything, really, but especially my outfits!} I thought about it this afternoon, but I had baby drool {or maybe baby snot? I'm going with drool! ü} all over the front. But when a cute baby wants to give you a hug, it doesn't matter what may end up getting on your super cute new shirt! ♥ Anyways, if I remember anything blogworthy &/or remember to take pictures later, I'll try to remember to actually post it.

As for the song, it's one that Ross King wrote with the guy in the video. None of the new stuff is available for me to post for y'all, but Ross' version is the song that I listened to the most this week. Because it's super. I like this version, too, but I mainly posted it because it's on Ross' new album. Speaking of...I posted a little giveaway the other day, and I've decided to give two copies of the album away!! Brooke & Natalie, you both get one!! How about that?! Y'all can just message me to let me know whether you'd like a physical or digital copy. Either way works for me, but [obviously] you'd get a digital copy faster!

Alrighty, I better get to bed! Please disregard any typos. I'm too tired to go back over this post to look for them! I hope y'all have a wonderful week!! ♥



Brooke said…
that cake looks amazing!
I can't believe your coffee didn't spill all over the place - definitely one for your 1000 gifts book!! :)

and hurrah!! definitely something for MY 1000 gifts book!
Zion said…
I can't wait to see your bedroom transformation! I totally understand about being too busy to blog. When you have the most to write, you have the least amount of time to write about it! I can not wait to hear the CD. I think it is going to be such an encouragement for me right now. I'll take the digital copy. I guess I'll message ya.

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