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There have been several reasons why we've had to reschedule scans throughout the years, but a sucker has never been one of them.

Until now...

We received word at around 5:15 yesterday evening that Christopher's scans had been approved by our new insurance company. They scheduled a full-body PET scan for some reason, which is overkill. But it's a scan nevertheless, so we went with it. We arrived at the Med Center this morning with enough time to check in at three different places on three different floors in two different buildings. When Chris came out from getting his blood work with a sucker in his hand, I didn't really think anything about it.

Maybe 30 minutes after they called him back for his scans, he came back out saying that he was disqualified because of the sucker. Yep. Who knew?! The lady in the lab was aware that he had been fasting and had asked about the tests he was having today, so I have no idea why she gave him a sucker. And we had no idea that it was a problem.

We could've waited around for 4 hours and hoped that someone cancelled their scan, but that didn't seem very likely. Chris called his doctor's office to see if he could still have a CT after having a sucker. While I didn't hear the answer to that, they said that we'd have to deal with insurance again. And I don't guess they would've been able to take care of it today. We're still going to see about a CT instead of a PET (because there's less radiation exposure), but we don't know anything yet.


I've probably mentioned this before, but by this point I am so ready to get scans over with. Even if it's bad news, I'm just ready to know something and proceed with whatever is next. I'm sure that if it really was bad news, I'd rather be back in this place of not knowing. But for now, I just want to be done with them.

On the bright side, Chris was able to go in to work today, and I ended up with a free afternoon. {& because I'm so wild and adventurous, I decided to go home and do some laundry!} As I was passing by Kristi's on my return home, she was outside with her kids. She looked down questioningly at her watch and waved me over to ask if Chris was already done. My reply went a little something like this:

Nope. Scans have to be rescheduled. And it really sucks.

(pun intended)



Zion said…
Oh Amy, I feel for you. I can't believe they gave him the sucker in the first place, although I am sure it was probably just an accident. Sheesh! Prayers all the way around!
Jen Price said…
Oh, my goodness! That's so crazy. Praying for peace and that the scan happens soon.

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