"Falling Down"

(by Lecrae, feat. Swoope & Trip Lee) Falling Down (feat. Swoope & Trip Lee) - Gravity (Deluxe Version)

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As usual, I'm waiting on pictures in order to tell y'all about a couple of things. But since it has been awhile since I've posted anything in any of my series, I thought I'd combine a couple of them today!!

I don't recall what originally reminded me of this story, but Elly thought it was funny enough to record me telling part of it. Then I promptly forgot that I was going to tell y'all the story until I came across the video on my phone the other day! {And all of that rambling was to explain the fact that I'm wearing a scarf & long sleeves in the video because it was recorded several months ago. I'll quit over-explaining now & get to the story...}

I was at church camp the summer after my freshman year in high school. For some reason, I was out with a group of random kids in the woods after dark one night. I have no idea why we were allowed to be outside in the dark unchaperoned, but it was a different day and time, maybe?! Anyways, we were playing a game that involved jogging through the woods. There was a little thud and grunt followed by another little thud and louder grunt behind us.

Nobody really thought anything about it. I mean, we were running through the woods, so of course there would be noises. Plus we were teenagers, so we didn't really think to be concerned for anyone other than ourselves (for the most part, anyways). We didn't realize that one of the guys wasn't with us until he caught up to us a few minutes later and explained that he had tripped over something, got up, & started running again only to trip over something else. We gave him a hard time, of course! Though y'all know that I'm such a clutz that I had absolutely no business giving him a hard time! ;)

The next day, we did a little investigating in the woods and discovered...
Yes, I'm a dweeb.



Brooke said…
love the video!! :P "right?" tee hee
Zion said…
Cute outfit, even if it is winter.
Jen Price said…
Awesome to have such funny memories!

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