"Favorite Time of Light"

(by Over the Rhine) Favorite Time of Light (Acoustic Nowhere Farm Version) [Bonus Track] - The Long Surrender (Bonus Track Version)

Hi, friends! I've had a busy weekend, and I just now have a chance for my usual Saturday post! Since it's already all wonky, we'll just go backwards...

Today is my mister's birthday! We took him out for lunch after church, and the kids made him cards. Then our Community Group came over tonight. It wasn't really a full-blown birthday party, but we sang along as Clyde played the birthday song on the piano before we ate cake! :)

We had dinner with the rest of the elders, their wives, and a few other people last night. We gathered at the home of a man who was recently ordained at our church. He was forced to leave his home country because of his beliefs, and he is passionate about spreading the gospel and teaching other Christians how to do the same. He is a beautiful person, and I am better for having spent a few hours in his company. And his wife is an amazing cook! :)

My kiddos were on a road trip with the students for most of the week, and I worked the majority of the time that they were gone. I got to do something fun each evening...Chris had a free birthday bowl at Genghis Grill, so we went out for dinner one night. We went to Aaron & Nichole's for homemade pizza another night! The women from church had a Ladies Night Out, and I shared a dessert with Jana this time {I'm sorry, Marcie! After seeing the look on your face, I won't do it again unless we're sharing with you, too! ü} I also had a little meeting that ended up essentially being another Ladies Night Out! We had gotten together to plan a shower for Aaron's bride-to-be (Youth Pastor Aaron, not baby brother Aaron), and several of us ended up staying at Amy's until nearly midnight! :)

As for today's song, I've been listening to it quite a bit since Melissa posted it a couple of weeks ago! Melissa is the wife of my long-time friend Jack. He told me about Over the Rhine a long time ago, and I have listened to their music through the years. Jack actually filmed today's video at a concert at the band's farm. How cool is that?!

Alrighty, I better get to bed! Most of y'all are aware that scans didn't happen on Tuesday, but they were rescheduled for tomorrow. I'll keep y'all posted on how things turn out. ♥



Brooke said…
sounds like a great weekend! praying for you today
Jack said…
I would highly recommend downloading the studio version off iTunes - her voice is just ridiculous. And it has a great stanza at the end about their dogs that I just love!
Zion said…
Did you know Over The Rhine is in Ohio. It's actually not a good part of town (these days, I don't know what it used to be like). They may have moved away over the years, but they have roots around where I live now!

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