"Redemption Song"

(by Bob Marley) Redemption Song - Uprising (Bonus Tracks)

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I'm pretty sure that most people have seen the following video. But with this being Melanoma Monday, I thought I'd post it anyways. Though it's mostly about skin melanoma, there's also an ocular melanoma representative...

If you're not in the melanoma world, then you are probably unaware of the controversy surrounding the color that we were encouraged to wear today. Long story short...melanoma's color is black, but the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) told everyone to wear orange. And the melanoma community is not one bit happy about it {see comments on the AAD facebook page for just a bit of the outrage!} I did a little research because I wasn't sure who sets the awareness dates, months, and colors. I didn't come to firm conclusion on all of it, but I discovered that I've been misinformed about the month of May. Though some sites state that May is Skin Cancer/Melanoma Awareness month (or simply Melanoma Awareness Month), a majority of the legitimate sites I came across (including the American Cancer Society) state that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. And according to the AAD, ACS, and many others, today is specifically Melanoma Monday (not the more broad term of skin cancer). It appears as if the AAD first designated the day, so it makes sense that they'd pick the color for today. But melanoma's color is black, not orange. I don't understand why an organization like the AAD would promote something that would cause division among the people who are most passionate about awareness and finding a cure. :/ I love that they want to raise awareness, though! And I think free skin screenings are super.

Anyways...I know that my regular readers are well aware of melanoma (and specifically ocular melanoma). But on the off chance that someone else comes across this little blog, I thought I'd provide a tiny bit of awareness today! Melanoma isn't "just skin cancer." It's a killer. And it isn't just on skin. It can be also be found in the mucous membranes and the eye. It's SO important to get educated, know what to look for, protect your skin, and get yearly dilated eye exams!!


P.S. No, today's song doesn't really relate. But Bob Marley died of melanoma, and the song mentions a pirate. Obviously, I need help with songs. I'm open to suggestions that relate to pretty much anything! ;)


Brooke said…
love the bob marley/pirate tie in! :)
Zion said…
I didn't realize how common it was for young people. Good video.
Jen Price said…
So great that you are raising awareness to distinguish the 2!

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