"Look Like Me"

(by The Killjoys)

Look Like Me by The Killjoys on Grooveshark

The lyrics of today's song don't really go at all. But the title sorta does, so we're gonna go with it...

While I await the posting of official race pics (so I can tell y'all about my super great trip), I thought I'd share a funny little story that occurred while I was out of town. I went to church with my aunt & uncle on Sunday, and I was standing with my aunt during the "meet & greet" part of the service. A lady came up and said (to Aunt Karla), "Oh, she looks just like you! This must be your daughter or sister!"

For the record, Aunt Karla is barely more than 50 years old. So she's not quite old enough to be my mom, nor does she look old enough to be my mom! I suppose we could be sisters, since we're about the same age difference as my baby brother & me, though. But what struck us both as funny is the fact that we're related by marriage, not blood. She's married to my mom's baby brother, whom I actually do resemble a little {& my brother resembles him even more than his own sons do!}

Since that little incident reminded me of a situation from 30+ years ago, I thought I'd turn today's post into a:
I had just turned seven years old when I was the flower girl in my Uncle Chris & Aunt Karla's wedding. I loved wearing a beautiful white dress & feeling like a princess, but what I remember most was that people said that I looked like my new aunt! Though it was probably just our similar hair & eye color that made people say that, I still thought it was pretty neat that people thought I looked anything like her! :)



Brooke said…
look how cute you were!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, I never would've guessed that was you! But your aunt looks like the grown up you, so that is funny.

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