Monday, May 2, 2011

"You Are My Shepherd"

(by Tricia Brock) You Are My Shepherd - Single - Tricia Brock

Tricia Brock (of Superchick) has a solo worship album called The Road coming out on June 7th, and I can't wait! The first single was recently released, and I love it! I also love "Lean", which is another solo song of hers that I can't believe I haven't posted yet! {It'll be on the new album, but it's also on the Now Hear This! 6.0 album of various new Christian artists ~ which at $2.49 is an inexpensive way to find out if you like some new sounds!}

She talks about the new album in the video below, as well as a bit about today's song:

Good stuff, huh?



Nicole @Project Inspired said...

Oooh, just found your blog! Love it. Thanks for the music recommendations!!!

RR Mama said...

That song is AWESOME!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

YES... good stuff! :)