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OK, peeps, it looks like I'm back to using the player at the bottom of the page. Grooveshark has made it to where I can't make a little song widget. It's probably a licensing thing, but I don't know for sure. If I'm able to find the official video for the song I want to post, I'll embed it. Otherwise, I'll do like my Elenowen post & give you the link to the song that I want you to hear! You can click it if you want, but I know that y'all really don't care about the song unless you've never heard of it (if even then)!

Alright, now that business is out of the way...let's get to the fun stuff!

I don't know if you'd call this a MIShap or what, but it was definitely a MIStake!

One day while I was watering the lawn, my friend Aaron stopped by. Aaron is the younger of my "brothers" (Dan & Sheryl's boys), & he would always stop by if we were outside when he drove past. We chatted for a few minutes, then I started to pick up the sprinkler to move it. Aaron stopped me & said, "Here, let me get that so you don't have to bend over in that really short dress."

I gasped & indignantly said, "This is a swimsuit!"

And he said, "Well it looks like a really short dress."

{Let me explain: it was a very modest swimsuit! It was in the Spring after I had my baby girl, and I was a little self-conscious about how certain parts of my body looked post-baby. So I found a cute skirted swimsuit that perfectly hid my thighs & hips. I know it sounds granny-esque, but I promise you it was super cute! And I wore it so I could get a tan while watering the lawn, because I was young & foolish ~ and I didn't heed older people's advice about skin cancer or the aging effects of the sun!}

My mind started going over every time that I had worn my "really short dress" outside to water & who may have seen me. I recalled a couple of times when I had seen another friend of mine. In fact, this friend was the brother of a man who I worked for part-time! I wondered if he thought it was a really short dress, too, & I could just imagine him telling his brother about the type of woman he had working for him!

I decided to bring it up the next time I saw him, & fortunately my opportunity came quickly. His framing company was working on some homes on my street, so he came by frequently to check on the workers. I was out watering one day (in a tank top & shorts, thank you very much), when he stopped his truck along the curb to chat with me. I awkwardly told the story about what had happened with Aaron & asked, "Did you realize it was a swimsuit?"

He sheepishly replied, "I thought it was a really short dress!" I explained that I didn't want my boss or his family to think I was a hussy & that I was trying to be modest. He seemed to believe me, but he still teased me about it up until the last time I saw him...about six years later!

Has anything like this ever happened to you??

For those of you who were picturing a 1920's swimsuit, I managed to find this picture of it. It's terribly fuzzy, & I know you can't really tell how cute it is, but you can at least see that it doesn't go all the way below my knees! :P



Brooke said…
jay tends to think that whenever he seeks skirted swimsuits. he's blessed? to have a wife like me who wears a bikini & lets it all hang out :P
Zion said…
I remember this story. I have one that has a little skirt, but it would make a REALLY REALLY short skirt.

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