(by Earth, Wind & Fire)

This is a little late, but with Mother's Day coming on the heels of one of my busiest weeks ever, I didn't have the time or energy to post about it earlier! Plus, my family gave me part of my Mother's Day gift on Saturday night, & I certainly wasn't going to take a picture after being outside all day. It's bad enough that my church family had to see me that way ~ I figured I'd at least spare y'all the image of my filthy self! {Not that the picture below is much better, but I've never claimed to be a model!}

Another reason I didn't post about it earlier is the fact that I didn't have my bike yet!

How cute is that?! I've been borrowing Jana's bike since she was pregnant, but she'll be wanting it back soon. I had requested a bike for my birthday, but my family spoils loves me & didn't want to wait until then! They found me a pink one, but the bike shop measures bikes from the pedal to the seat or something (instead of from the ground, where they knew how tall to get). So they were afraid it might not be the right size. I didn't get a chance to go by there until Monday, & I was so glad that the pink bike fit! :) Cody & I have been on a couple of bike rides already!

{Yes, I totally posted a pic of me with a bun & bobby pins. Aren't you proud of me?!}

On actual Mother's Day, Mom & G came over for the afternoon. {I have to brag on my mister for a minute ~ he straightened up the house for me while the kids & I were at goingLOCAL! Mom isn't the type of person to come into my house & check for dust or anything. But she had only been to my house one other time, so I wanted it to look somewhat clean. I was pleasantly surprised to come home Saturday night & see things nice & neat!} Anyways, the funniest part of the day was when Mom said, "What is this glass about?" She held up her drinking glass with a confused look on her face. I had never thought anything about the glass, because I know the the other glasses it belongs with. But if you hadn't seen it as part of a set, it could come across as a little strange. It says "HELP!" real big, & each letter has a little suit-clad man on top of it:

Do you recognize those little men?

Here it is with the rest of the Beatles glasses:

It makes a lot more sense when it's with the rest of them, huh?



Brooke said…
it made total sense to me by itself, but then again that's one of my favorite movies. :P

LOVE the new bike!!
Zion said…
I thought it made sense by itself too, but I guess it depends on the generation (I know that is your mom's generation, but that iconic image may have made a bigger come back during the Beatles revival). I love the bike. SO CUTE!
Becky Crenshaw said…
YOU ARE ADORABLE!! Love your new bike!! xoxoxo Happy Mother's Day, friend.

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