"All You Need Is Love"

(by Dana Fuchs & Jim Sturgess) All

And now for pics from our anniversary & my birthday!! Before our anniversary date, we tried to get our baby girl to take a few good pictures. Unfortunately, they didn't turn out too great! Here's a somewhat awkward one, but it's the best of the bunch!

We were able to go to Benihana for pretty cheap, because we used a birthday coupon! {Of course, I couldn't pass up free birthday dessert!}

I'd say chocolate is totally worth wearing a silly hat!

On Friday night, "my birthday girls" took me to dinner! Unfortunately, sweet Kelli wasn't feeling well, so she was unable to make it :( But here I am with Amy & Kyla:

After dinner, we went back to Amy's & ate a yummy cake that she made!

No, I'm not kissing the candles ~ but you totally have to read what my neighbor said on facebook. It's a little lengthy, but quite funny:
Did you blow the candles out or did you kiss them out? cause, by the picture, you just can't tell...which leads to a whole 'nother question, did it burn? and why did Butch let you do that? I mean seriously, he knows that's not good for you, him or the kids. Who wants a mother with flaming lips...ha...actually on second thought, who doesn't...

On Saturday (my actual birthday), I did a little shopping in the morning. When I got home, my family was waiting with a plate of chocolatey goodness! The kids also sent me sweet birthday emails!

{I ate about half of it for lunch! Then, I figured I should eat something slightly more substantial, so my baby girl made me a grilled cheese!}

In case you don't remember this fact from last year, my nephew shares a birthday with me! On our way up to his party, we stopped by my mom's and had a good visit with her & my step-dad. The kids had a great time at Chase's pool party. Toward the end, my niece gave me a present that she had wrapped with some remnants of Chase's gift wrap! It was so sweet! She had made me a button that said, "Happy Birthday" on it!

I asked Chase if he would mind taking a picture with his favorite birthday aunt, & he replied quite matter-of-factly, "Your my only birthday aunt." True that, Chase. {Such a smart boy!}

{He really does smile. He's just not a fan of cameras!}

Then, as if sharing a birthday with Chase wasn't enough, Sunday morning I discovered that these two beauties in the youth group also share a birthday with me!

How cool is that?! Then on Monday I found out that I also share a birthday with a man at work. I didn't force him to take a picture with me, though! What's crazy is that I had to wait until Chase was born on my 28th birthday to actually know somebody who was born on the same day, and over the course of about a day I found 3 more. Weird!

Well, that's it for our celebrations! At the risk of sounding extremely self-centered, this really is my favorite time of the year! I just love feeling loved! & that's what happens when my sweet friends & family go out of their way to make me feel special ~ even if only for a day or so!



Brooke said…
you're totally allowed to be self centered on your birthday!!
RR Mama said…
Great pictures!! Glad you had a great one!

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